10,500 Miles

10,500 Miles –  Kotryna Juskaite and Kim Lundgren

10,500 Miles, the first step in an ongoing project between Kotryna Juskaite and Kim Lundgren, explores the nature of artistic collaboration and re-interpretation through photography and collage.

‘Look, it’s a long way… skewed postcards of a casual photography laying itself out like curling scraps on a tilted pin-board… look, it’s a long way…’

A handmade, open-spine book in full colour reproduction, 10,500 Miles is available for only £18 plus postage and packing.

10,500 Miles

UK orders (£18 + £1.80 postage)

Europe (£18 + £5.25 postage)

Rest of World (£18 + £7.50 postage)