In The Open – ASLE-UKI & Land2 Conference

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As part of the ASLE-UKI & Land2 Conference at Sheffield Institute of the Arts and Bank Street Arts, Gordian Projects will exhibit four publications that coincide with the conference’s themes of Cross, Multi, Inter, Trans collaborative practices that explore place, landscape and environment.

10,500 Miles, Kotryna Juskaite & Kim Lundgren

East Wind, Brian Lewis

Echoes from a Berlin Childhood, Helen Clarke

MilkyWayYouWillHearMeCall, Judit Bodor, Emma Bolland & Tom Rodgers

The conference runs from 6th to 28th September across two venues, Sheffield Institute of  Arts and Bank Street Arts, and hosts a range of artists, poets, performers, curators and academics.


New Publication – 10,500 Miles

‘Look, it’s a long way… skewed postcards of a casual photography laying itself out like curling scraps on a tilted pin-board… look, it’s a long way…’

Gordian Projects are proud to announce the arrival of 10,500 Miles, a collaborative work between two artists, exploring photography and collage.

Kotryna Juskaite and Kim Lundgren, recent graduates of Leeds Beckett University, are both photographers and designers who are interested in the exploration of the world around them and how they can extend their studies through experimental collages and book design. We have been excited to work with two young artists who continuing to work and travel together and we look forward to seeing what comes next…

A handmade, open-spine book in full colour reproduction, 10,500 Miles is available for only £18 plus postage and packing.

10,500 Miles

UK orders (£18 + £1.80 postage)

Europe (£18 + £5.25 postage)

Rest of World (£18 + £7.50 postage)

The Independent Publishers Book Fair, Sheffield, Saturday 10th June 2017

We are thrilled to be part of the second Independent Publishers Book Fair in Sheffield on Saturday 10 June 2017

The participating presses include And Other Stories, Comma Press, Dodo Ink, enjoy your homes, Girasol Press, Gordian Projects, Little Island Press, Longbarrow Press, Rachael hand, Spirit Duplicator, The Poetry Business, and Tilted Axis Press. The fair will include handmade artists’ books, poetry, fiction, art writing, literary criticism, zines, and much more.

Performances and readings include the internationally known New York based experimental poets Karen Mac Cormack and Steve McCaffery. The whole day, including the performances and readings, is free!

​Visit the book fair website for more details​:​

Watch the video to meet the presses and performers.

Christmas Special Offer, Audio Recordings, and Collections News

Arcalumis (2016) by Tom Rodgers
Arcalumis (2016) by Tom Rodgers

Between now and Christmas buy any one of our publications: Arcalumis by Tom Rodgers, East Wind by Brian Lewis, Echoes From A Berlin Childhood by Helen Clarke, Lectolalia by Emma Bolland, or the MilkyWayYouWillHearMeCall pamphlets by Judit Bodor, Emma Bolland, and Tom Rodgers, and receive a free copy of Place and Memory: an emotional exploration of ‘city’ by eight artists and writers.

Echoes From A Berlin Childhood (2016) by Helen Clarke
Echoes From A Berlin Childhood (2016) by Helen Clarke

We are delighted that our two new photo/text publications, Arcalumis by Tom Rodgers, and Echoes From A Berlin Childhood by Helen Clarke, are now in national collections, including The V&A Art Library, The Saison Poetry Library at The Royal Festival Hall, The Winchester School of Art’s Handling Collection, and the Women’s Walking Library. This means that all of our publications are now in national public collections.

East Wind (2nd edition) by Brian Lewis
East Wind (2nd edition) by Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis has recorded excerpts from ‘The Wind Rose’, a lyric essay based on a walk from Withernsea to Hornsea, north along the Holderness cliffs. This selection begins with an account of the view from Tunstall, the former site of the UK’s most northerly meridian mark. ‘The Wind Rose’ (along with the related lyric essays ‘Half-winds’ and ‘The Compass Rose’) appears in the pamphlet East Wind. Listen below:


October Special Offer!

Gordian Projects are delighted to be one of the presses invited to take part in the Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall, London, Friday 4th and Saturday 6th November. Featuring specialist art and writing presses from Scotland, England, Wales, Denmark, France, The Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Tokyo, USA, Sweden and the Netherlands, the fair is accompanied by a programme of readings and events.


As well as showing our current titles, we will be launching two new titles at the fair: Tom Rodger’s two-part Aracalumis, a meditation in abstract analogue photography; and Helen Clarke’s Echoes from a Berlin Childhood, a photo-text poem recording her walks around Berlin in search of Walter Benjamin.

Between now and the Fair we are running a very special ‘two-for-one’ offer: buy any of the following titles: East Wind, Lectolalia, The MilkyWayYouWillHearMeCall pamphlets, and receive a copy of Place and Memory absolutely free. Simply click on the normal ‘buy now’ button, and we will include a copy of Place and Memory in your package.

East Wind second edition to be launched at BALTIC Artist’s Book Fair

We are delighted to be launching a second edition of East Wind by Brian Lewis. This second edition of 40 unnumbered copies is published as a single hand-stitched pamphlet, and comes with an individual haiku, presented in an envelope as an artist’s multiple. The first edition, a set of three hand-stitched and stamped pamphlets in a numbered edition of 25, sold out within two weeks of release. East Wind is a sequence of lyrical essays and haiku that narrate the author’s continuous 24 hour walk from Hull to Withernsea and Hornsea over the 10th and 11th May 2014. We will be publishing a full collection of Lewis’ essays and poems, Eastings, in 2017.

East Wind (2nd edition) by Brian Lewis
East Wind (2nd edition) by Brian Lewis
East Wind (2nd edition) by Brian Lewis
East Wind (2nd edition) by Brian Lewis
East Wind (2nd edition) by Brian Lewis
East Wind (2nd edition) by Brian Lewis

To order the pamphlet, click on the relevant PayPal button below:

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Artist’s Book Market, BALTIC

We are very pleased to see that the organisers chose our milkywayyouwillhearmecall pamphlets to promote the Artist’s Book Market the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art on Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 June 10.00-17.00. The event is FREE and accompanied by a series of artists interventions.

We will of course be there on both days promoting our work and sharing our table with the fantastic Longbarrow Press. Come and see us!