New Publication – 10,500 Miles

‘Look, it’s a long way… skewed postcards of a casual photography laying itself out like curling scraps on a tilted pin-board… look, it’s a long way…’

Gordian Projects are proud to announce the arrival of 10,500 Miles, a collaborative work between two artists, exploring photography and collage.

Kotryna Juskaite and Kim Lundgren, recent graduates of Leeds Beckett University, are both photographers and designers who are interested in the exploration of the world around them and how they can extend their studies through experimental collages and book design. We have been excited to work with two young artists who continuing to work and travel together and we look forward to seeing what comes next…

A handmade, open-spine book in full colour reproduction, 10,500 Miles is available for only £18 plus postage and packing.

10,500 Miles

UK orders (£18 + £1.80 postage)

Europe (£18 + £5.25 postage)

Rest of World (£18 + £7.50 postage)


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