More Than Stories, Anya Lewin

We are very happy to be publishing Anya Lewin’s photo-text book, More Than Stories. The book examines the archive materials — photographs, newspaper clippings and other ephemera — from the research processes that culminated in her film trilogy With Heartfelt Gratitude for the Painless Treatment (2008), Chez Paulette on the Sunset Strip (2013), and Fez:Continue reading “More Than Stories, Anya Lewin”

Three films, three places… Penny Whitworth writes about her film making process, and her Gordian projects bookwork.

Three films, three places… Penny Whitworth writes about her film making process, and her Gordian projects bookwork. Much of my work concerns the exploration of spaces, architectures, and constructions, particularly those on the edge of conventional public areas and those whose use has been abandoned or transformed. Through my process I consider how we areContinue reading “Three films, three places… Penny Whitworth writes about her film making process, and her Gordian projects bookwork.”

False Images

The artist, writer, and curator Azadeh Fatehrad writes about the research behind her Gordian Projects publication, Ornament of Damage How can one translate the moment of encounter with an image? How does lost data affect upon our imagination? How can one trace the memory of an actual event through fragmented material? For the past fewContinue reading “False Images”

On ‘White Thorns’ | Brian Lewis

White thorns, spinning sky, each horizontal axis sings the trinity. One zenith, then another, the crowns abide in the air. Between the towns of Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Goole, less than 10 metres above sea level, 100 square miles of sparsely populated, predominantly agricultural land lie flat to the horizon. The low levels form the northernContinue reading “On ‘White Thorns’ | Brian Lewis”

New Titles and Readings at Small Publishers, London, 10&11 November

We are delighted to be launching three new titles at Small Publishers, Conway Hall, London, 10&11 November, together with a hosted reading as part of the events programme Ornament of Damage, a photo-book with poems and essay by Azadeh Fatehrad is an exploration of Iranian photographic imagery from the archives in Frankfurt-Am-Main and Stockholm. During theContinue reading “New Titles and Readings at Small Publishers, London, 10&11 November”

In The Open – ASLE-UKI & Land2 Conference

As part of the ASLE-UKI & Land2 Conference at Sheffield Institute of the Arts and Bank Street Arts, Gordian Projects will exhibit four publications that coincide with the conference’s themes of Cross, Multi, Inter, Trans collaborative practices that explore place, landscape and environment. 10,500 Miles, Kotryna Juskaite & Kim Lundgren East Wind, Brian Lewis Echoes from a Berlin Childhood,Continue reading “In The Open – ASLE-UKI & Land2 Conference”

New Publication – 10,500 Miles

‘Look, it’s a long way… skewed postcards of a casual photography laying itself out like curling scraps on a tilted pin-board… look, it’s a long way…’ Gordian Projects are proud to announce the arrival of 10,500 Miles, a collaborative work between two artists, exploring photography and collage. Kotryna Juskaite and Kim Lundgren, recent graduates ofContinue reading “New Publication – 10,500 Miles”

The Independent Publishers Book Fair, Sheffield, Saturday 10th June 2017

We are thrilled to be part of the second Independent Publishers Book Fair in Sheffield on Saturday 10 June 2017 The participating presses include And Other Stories, Comma Press, Dodo Ink, enjoy your homes, Girasol Press, Gordian Projects, Little Island Press, Longbarrow Press, Rachael hand, Spirit Duplicator, The Poetry Business, and Tilted Axis Press. The fair will includeContinue reading “The Independent Publishers Book Fair, Sheffield, Saturday 10th June 2017”

Christmas Special Offer, Audio Recordings, and Collections News

Between now and Christmas buy any one of our publications: Arcalumis by Tom Rodgers, East Wind by Brian Lewis, Echoes From A Berlin Childhood by Helen Clarke, Lectolalia by Emma Bolland, or the MilkyWayYouWillHearMeCall pamphlets by Judit Bodor, Emma Bolland, and Tom Rodgers, and receive a free copy of Place and Memory: an emotional explorationContinue reading “Christmas Special Offer, Audio Recordings, and Collections News”