Sh! ffLight! (a score)

Sh! ffLight! (a score) Emma Bolland and Helen Clarke

—zló,1 leap, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ffLight!

Sh! ffLight! (a score) was written for, and first performed at Writing Photographs; Tate Modern, 13 October 2018. Writing Photographs brought together artists, writers, curators and researchers, to present and discuss photography as an expanded practice. The event employed a series of experimental and performative provocations to counter traditional ideas of image and text, exploring a contemporary understanding of Writing Photographs through inter-medial constellations. Writing Photographs was convened and curated by Wiebke Leister and Beverley Carruthers, and was a collaboration between Tate and The Photography and the Contemporary Imaginary Research Hub at London College of Communication. ​​

metal, grav, grav, gravura, acute, bravura
running, running, back to later, all the way to krull, kriss, kross
metal, grav, grav, gravura, acute

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