Three Films

Penny Whitworth is an artist and film maker whose creative practice employs still and moving imagery, combining traditional and contemporary media to develop a variety of photographic and cinematographic projects. The main focus of Whitworth’s work lies within the documentation of site specific space and architecture, and the relationships we create with places through varying modes of mediation.

Three Films began as a series of films that were constructed from double exposures of still and moving imagery, and attempts to translate the abstract and frenetic nature of the original pieces into the more contemplative setting of book works that draw on the photographic nature of the initial imagery. Presented in a slip case, the three hand-made books each have a different approach to presenting Whitworth’s artwork.

To order Three Films, please click on the relevant PayPal link below:

UK orders  (£20.00 + £2.90 postage)

Europe orders  (£20.00 + £5.80 postage)

Rest of World orders  (£20.00 + £8 postage)

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