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East Wind (2nd edition) by Brian LewisEast Wind
Brian Lewis

Second edition
36pp (hand-stamped, hand-stitched)



East Wind (2nd edition) by Brian Lewis

We are delighted to announce that East Wind by Brian Lewis is now available in a new edition from Gordian Projects. This second unnumbered edition is published as a single hand-stitched pamphlet, and comes with an individual haiku, presented in an envelope as an artist’s multiple. The first edition, a set of three hand-stitched and stamped pamphlets in a numbered edition of 25, sold out within two weeks of release in late 2015. East Wind is a sequence of lyrical essays and haiku that narrate the author’s walk from Hull to Withernsea and Hornsea over the 10th and 11th May 2014. We will be publishing a second pamphlet of Lewis’s essays and poems in 2017.

‘Burton Pidsea passes into the riding and there is nothing out there to think with. I won’t remember. Malcolm would have sent us cross-country, the woods and contours had specific values, a knowledge that we moved through. I pretended to use the compass in my pocket, black arrow, red needle. In time it became a pretend compass. I learned to read a map by fixing a position and rotating the map around me. I made everything the north…’


by Emma Bolland

LECTOLALIA (a romance), with an accompanying short film of the same name, was created by Emma Bolland for the Leeds College of Art & Design ‘Library Interventions’ residencies; you can view the film at the link at the bottom of the page. For the Interventions, artists are invited to respond to the library and its collections. Bolland’s response deals with a passion for and seduction by words and texts, and she undertook a free-associative drift through the stacks, selecting books intuitively by heft, texture and appearance. Fragments of phrases taken from the books she encountered are incorporated into the work. In a performance of the draft text she invited

the audience to annotate the manuscript, and these annotations are included in the publication as endnotes, as is a bibliography of the books pulled from the shelves.

This bespoke, signed, and hand-numbered first edition of 150 copies is published by Gordian Projects in association with Leeds College of Art & Design and is typeset in Perpetua and Perpetua Titling, and printed on pearl grey paper, the edition is hand-stitched, and issued with hand-printed covers and contrasting dust jackets created by the author in multiple colour combinations. View the publication’s companion short film here:

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