LOOM by Matthew Turner

Loom is an illustrated novella of psychotic architectures. It is a story about hidden wealth, identity, edges becoming centres and how our homes are a crowd of strangers.

‘…continuing to scrape away at the powdery plasterboard I reveal the end of a fine, barely perceptible, twenty-four carat gold thread. I tug at it with force and it ruptures a razor thin fissure right across the room, and I begin…’

Matthew Turner was born in The Black Country and is the author of the novella Other Rooms (Hesterglock Press 2019). His first collection of short stories will be published by Dodo Ink in 2021. He is a Lecturer at Chelsea College of Arts and a Visiting Professor of Architecture and Visual Theory at the University of Bergen. He lives in London.

soft cover, 80 pages, perfect bound, 210mm x 145mm

UK Postage £10 (+ £1.50 P&P)

Europe Postage £10 (+ £3.50 P&P)

Rest of World Postage £10 (+ £5.75 P&P)

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