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Gordian Projects is an independent not-for-profit press established in 2014. We focus on small editions of work that use art and language as a space for exploration, operating at the intersection of artist’s book, art writing, literature, and archive. We work with authors collaboratively in planning, designing and producing their publications. We regret that we cannot accept unsolicited manuscripts or proposals. However, should you wish to contact us for other reasons, you can email us at gordianprojects@gmail.com

East Wind by Brian Lewis
East Wind by Brian Lewis

Editorial and advisory boards:
Judit Bodor (curator, art consultant, academic lecturer and researcher) aber.academia.edu/JuditBodor
Emma Bolland (artist, writer, researcher)  emmabolland.com
Georgia Dearden (writer, art theorist) goldsmiths.academia.edu/GeorgiaDearden
Roddy Hunter (artist, curator, Director of the Institute of the Arts, University of Cumbria) peacebiennale.info
Brian Lewis (publisher, poet, writer and artist) longbarrowpress.com
Tom Rodgers (artist, designer and educator) thomasrodgers.co.uk
Penny Whitworth (experimental video artist) penelopewhitworth.com

Current publications:

10,500 Miles, Kotryna Juskaite and Kim Lindgren, 2017

Arcalumis, Tom Rodgers, 2016

East Wind (2nd ed.), Brian Lewis, 2015

Echoes From A Berlin ChildhoodHelen Clarke, 2016

Lectolalia, Emma Bolland, 2015

MilkyWayYouWillHearMeCall: collected works, Judit Bodor, Emma Bolland, and Tom Rodgers, 2017

MilkyWayYouWillHearMeCall pamphlets, Judit Bodor, Emma Bolland, and Tom Rodgers: Becoming 01 and Becoming 02, 2015

Ornament of Damage, Azadeh Fatehrad, 2017

Place and Memory, Amanda Burton, Donna Coleman, Charys Ellmer, Sarah Guy, Sandy Holden, Lorna Johnstone, Morticia, and Nigel Stone, 2014

Three Films, Penny Whitworth, 2017

White Thorns, Brian Lewis, 2017

Forthcoming publications:
Fez, (working title), Anya Lewin, 2018
A W.O.R.K.S sampler, Clive Robertson, 2018

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