Lectolalia (a romance)

Gordian Projects is pleased to announce the publication of Lectolalia (a romance) by artist and writer Emma Bolland.

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LECTOLALIA (a romance), with an accompanying short film of the same name, was created by Emma Bolland for the Leeds College of Art & Design ‘Library Interventions’ residencies; you can view the film at the link at the bottom of the page. For the Interventions, artists are invited to respond to the library and its collections. Bolland’s response deals with a passion for and seduction by words and texts, and she undertook a free-associative drift through the stacks, selecting books intuitively by heft, texture and appearance. Fragments of phrases taken from the books she encountered are incorporated into the work. In a performance of the draft text she invited the audience to annotate the manuscript, and these annotations are included in the publication as endnotes, as is a bibliography of the books pulled from the shelves.

This bespoke, signed, and hand-numbered first edition of 150 copies is published by Gordian Projects in association with Leeds College of Art & Design and is priced at £10.00 plus post and packaging. Typeset in Perpetua and Perpetua Titling, and printed on pearl grey paper, the edition is hand-stitched, and issued with hand-printed covers and contrasting dust jackets created by the author in multiple colour combinations. Please note that the press cannot accept requests for specific colours, but when ordering your copy you are invited to choose one word from each of the three following pairs and type these into the ‘additional information for seller’ option on the PayPal form:

bright / neutral
warm / cool
dark / pale

The artist will use your word choices as the starting point for the colour combinations used for your copy. Alternatively, you can leave this selection blank and the artist will choose for you.

UK orders (£10 + £1.25 postage)

Europe orders (£10 + £3.75 postage)

Rest of World orders (£10 + £5 postage)

View the publication’s companion short film here:


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