October Special Offer!

Gordian Projects are delighted to be one of the presses invited to take part in the Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall, London, Friday 4th and Saturday 6th November. Featuring specialist art and writing presses from Scotland, England, Wales, Denmark, France, The Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Tokyo, USA, Sweden and the Netherlands, the fair is accompanied by a programme of readings and events.


As well as showing our current titles, we will be launching two new titles at the fair: Tom Rodger’s two-part Aracalumis, a meditation in abstract analogue photography; and Helen Clarke’s Echoes from a Berlin Childhood, a photo-text poem recording her walks around Berlin in search of Walter Benjamin.

Between now and the Fair we are running a very special ‘two-for-one’ offer: buy any of the following titles: East Wind, Lectolalia, The MilkyWayYouWillHearMeCall pamphlets, and receive a copy of Place and Memory absolutely free. Simply click on the normal ‘buy now’ button, and we will include a copy of Place and Memory in your package.


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